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This collection is concerned with the acceptance of acquired physical disability and social attitudes towards personal appearance. She told me it took a long time for her to get used to this impairment and to accept her appearance. The process of psychosocial adjustment following an acquired disability has been viewed as a sequence of stages (Fortier & Wanlass, 1984), similar to those experienced during the grief associated with one's imminent death or the loss of a loved one (Kubler- Ross, 1969). The five stages of the grief are the best-known description of the emotional and psychological responses that many people experience when faced with an illness or life- changing situation. Coincidentally, No matter what people with or without disability maybe face these six stages such as denial, anger, bargain, depression, shame and acceptance, when people experience a different life-changing event. I hope to change the way that people perceive disability – I aim to enable people to empathize with the experience of others who have a disability. I design a collection of jewellery pieces based on the  stages of grief that encourage empathy and allow us to embrace and experience diversity. 

This collection was exhibited at London Fashion Week pop-up shop, Dutch Design Week, and Virtual Design Festival organised by Dezeen X Ventura Projects.

denial pieces original file-2.jpg
Studio Ching-Hui Yang_Ching-Hui Yang_Ang
bargain piece original file photo credit
depression piece original file photo cre
shame piece original photo credit to Vin
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