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About Emotional Blackmail.

"If you really loved me..."

"After all I've done for you..."

"How can you be so selfish..."

Do any of the above sound familiar? They're all examples of emotional blackmail, a powerful form of manipulation in which people close to us threaten to punish us for not doing what they want. Emotional blackmailers know how much we value our relationships with them. They know our vulnerabilities and our deepest secrets. They could be our lovers, our families, our bosses, coworkers,  or our friends.

According to the book Emotional blackmail by Susan Forward, fear, obligation, and guilt ( F.O.G.) are transactional dynamics at play between controller and the people being controlled.
Emotional blackmailers use fear, obligation, and guilt in their relationships, ensuring that others feel afraid to cross them, obligated to give them their way and swamped by guilt if they resist.

F. O. G Project.

Together, Stronger.

FOG project is collective creation of design. I have created an AR survey as a way of communicating emotion between people. Each vote from you is very important for this project. ( Yes. It is a democratic world. )

I would like to document and visualise emotion itself - for example a feeling such as fear, obligation, or guilt. I hope that people will empathize with the experience of others who have gone through the cycle of emotional blackmail. I will design a collection of jewellery pieces based on this concept of emotional blackmail, and aim for these pieces to encourage empathy and allow us to embrace and experience the feelings people have.

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